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Network wiring

Deman now stock Cat5 UTP cable for specific use in LON BMS applications.
Take advantage of:
   - only single pair of wire per strand
   - less weight (23kg per 1000m)
   - smaller overall diameter (3.1mm)
   - smaller minimum bend radius
   - easier handling and installation
   - doesn't crowd a typical draw box/ cable rack with unwanted wiring
   - conforms to LONWORKS FTT-10A Free Topology Transceiver specifications

LONTKS LONWORKS® network wiring aid:
   - break-out box for RJ11 patch cords with two sockets at the front
   - fits standard 65mm round draw box
   - easily test network as you go
   - install and test wiring even before controllers are present


Note: The product manuals are currently being updated. Preliminary drafts are made available for reference only. Contact Deman directly should you require specific up-to-date information.

Product Manual (CAT5-1LQ10) (PDF)
Product Manual (LONTKSxQ10) (PDF)